Unique Staircase Designs

What about adding a zing to your simple house? It can be done by adding such stairs that will totally make your house’s outlook amazing. Here are some staircase designs that you would love to implement in your dream house…

Via: HSH Architekti
1. HSH Architects
This is a very elegant stair case design which takes its inspiration from a ribbon that is rippled. The material used is 10mm thick sheet of metal and this is supported with firm frames on the wall.

Via: Atelier Sad
2. Atelier Sad, Czech Republic
This matchless stair case is designed by Atelier Sad Architecture and Interior Design Company. It is a shelf style staircase design. It will be loved equally by book worms and those who like to decorate shelves with trinkets and other pieces. So, you get two flavors of stairs and shelves in a single assembly of this stair case.

Via: Ab Rogers
3. Ab Rogers Design, London, UK
These jazzy stairs which take the inspiration from the rainbow will go perfectly well with the white interior of your house. These stairs will take you to the wonderland of colours, vitality and happiness.

Via: Chae – Pereira
4. Chae – Pereira Architects, Seoul, Korea
This pleasing to the eye stair case is a suspension stair case that will go best for a house which has large space to offer. The wooden stairs with creamy white walls and blue light filtering through narrow stroke shaped windows will add further to the beauty of your house.

Via: Levitate
5. Levitate, UK
This is another bookshelf staircase where actually you can place your books in between the stairs. In other words it can form a library of your book collection so that you don’t need to place a bookshelf in your house thus saving your space.

Via: TAF Arkitektkontor
6. TAF, Stockholm, Sweden
These woody stairs with an exceptional design is a project of TAF Design and Manufacture Studio. Interesting fact about these stairs is that they are low cost as well. The material used is actually pine boxes piled in certain angles that they form stairs which also occupy less space.

Via: École
7. École SARL d’Architecture, Paris
This stair way is simple yet so modish. With black slabs fitted to a white wall this stair case is going to light up the style of your house. If it is accompanied with pastel shade interior of the house it will yet be more elaborated.

Via: Atmos Studio
8. Atmos Studio
These is an incredible staircase formed in such a way as if ribbons have spread melodiously and are ready to take you up and down the floors of your house. A true masterpiece!

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