Modern Bathtubs…Add a Contemporary Twist To Your Bathroom!

If you want to give a makeover to your bathroom then you can take a start with a nice bathtub that you can take as the focal point and design your rest of the interior according to it. So here you go for some really beautiful bathtubs…

Via: Blu Bleu
1. Blu Bleu
This bathtub has an elegant assymetrical shape and is having a nice shining purple finish that will do wonders to your bathroom’s outlook. This bathtub is available in 192 different finishes even more than one can imagine.

Via: Sicis
2. Sicis
This bathtub is just divine with its stiletto shoe like ‘Oh So Feminine’ appearance. It has a ribbons and bow design in purple over it which looks just so classy.

Via: PSC Bath
3. PSC Bath
If you want your bathtub with a twist of illumination then this design in oval shape with a light at its base will be a perfect pick of yours. The first tub has a green light and the second has a pale orange light.

Via: Käsch
4. Käsch
Will a bathtub be ever interesting than these? These are whirlpool style bath tubs that are available in two shapes that are round and elipse. The round one has a wooden fixture while the elipse has a stone assembly.

Via: Wet Style
5. Wet Style
This is what we call designing taken one step ahead. The first bathtub is in square shape and has a motif of ribbons over it that mimics water waves. The second one also has a tone over tone floral motif adding a sense of femininity that ladies will surely love.

Via: Dintin
6. Dintin
If you like the beauteous black colour and can’t have enough of it then you can have a black bathtub like this. This bathtub is made out of high quality minerals. This will cost you $2,200

Via: Dintin
7. Dintin
The first tub has a rectangular design that is slightly bulging out in the centre. It will cost you $1,875. This second bathtub is having an oval design that is slightly curved and pointed at the sides. It will cost you $2,100. Both these tubs are made up of solid material thus making them durable.

Via: Modo Bath
8. Modo Bath
This one is a spacious round free standing bathtub available in white colour. It is also availble with an option of headrests. It will cost you $17,360.

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