Let’s Partition The Room In Style…

Room partitions are a great way to divide your room so that it will not only look good but also will save you from the need of placing walls in between two areas.Here are some room partition ideas that will blow your mind off…

Via: Module-R
1. Module-R
These screens are named as Koziol Hanging Screens.Both are made with plastic.The first is with floral motifs and swirls.It costs you $8.The second one is yet more beauteous.It has a pattern as if an artist has moved his brush in strokes.It also costs you $8.

Via: Armstrong
2. Armstrong
This company provides you with hanging room dividers that are actually beauty hanging and spreading the spell.This room divider will be a cool addition to your bedroom or living area and it can go well with almost any kind of interior of your area to be parted.

Via: Dankedieter
3. Dankedieter
This is truly a master piece.It has a shape like a sea shell and can be conveniently placed anywhere to divide it.This is so interesting because it can be folded and placed at a side as well and can be re-opened whenever required.

Via: Mio Culture
4. Mio
These partitions with vibrant colours will not only divide your room but also will add a zing to it.They are made up of card board and can be easily placed nearly anywhere in your house.The butterfly divider is for $60 and the rest of the two are of $56 each.

Via: Buzzi Space
5. Buzzi Space
This screen named as buzzi screen is a bash of style.These fold-able screens are so exciting.You can pin different things to it like your photos or letters.wow! It has a zip system which allows you to add more panels whenever you wish.It is designed by Sas Adriaenssens.

Via: Surya Graf
6. Surya Graf
This decent room partition takes its inspiration from plants and structure of DNA.They are available in two varieties the first one with black varnish and the second with natural finish.It is best suited if you don’t want to block light or air in your room while dividing it.

Via: Eclectics
7. Eclectics
The first partition named as Cityscape is truly an eye popper.You must be thinking that it is a reflection of an outside view but in reality it is actually a digital city print on this screen.Stunningly amazing! The second one is also really very pretty.It gives you a sense of freedom as if you are not diving the room but adding even more thrill to it.

Via: Bloomming
8. Bloomming
This magical room divider is very classy that is supposed to be hung from the ceiling.It has a very soft appearance and will enhance the beauty of your house.

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