Glamorous Mirrored Furniture for Your Home!

Furniture is a basic necessity and one of the major elements of a house’s decor. Out of many contemporary kinds of furniture one is a mirrored style. So here you go for some mirrored furniture…


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1. Glam Furniture
The first one is a chest that you can use at your bedside as a night table. Decorate it with vases and photo frames like these in the picture. It will cost you $1622.5. The second one is a mirrored desk with black legs. You can use it as a study desk or for your foyer. It costs $587.


Purchase at: glamfurniture

2. Glam Furniture
The first one is a drawer chest with three drawers’ space and is ideal for bedside storage. It will cost you $927. The second one is a mirrored chest with a drawer and a shelf and is having a gold finish. Its price is $697.


Purchase at: glamfurniture

3. Glam Furniture
Pair these wonderful tables with your sofa and see the beautiful effect they will create like they are making in the photo. The bigger table’s sale price is $397 and the smaller one is for $466.


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4. Horchow
This one is a side table that you can use in your living area as it will add a life to even a simple decorated living area. It is having a beaded detail and a mirrored finish. This will cost you $929.


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5. Horchow
This one is a two drawers console that is ideal for an entryway or foyer. It will add a neat look to your foyer when combined with a white wall and accessories of light hues. It will cost you $1399.


6. Standard Furniture
This whole collection can add life to any house and you can purchase these wonderful mirrored furniture items at the ‘standard furniture’ link.


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7. Wayfair
This one is a nightstand with one drawer and a beautiful vintage design. You can add this to your room for a sum of $735.


8. The Furniture Market
If you are a big fan of mirrored furniture then you can decorated a full room with such furniture as shown in the photo. You can purchase full or part of this collection at ‘the furniture market’ link.

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