Fireplace Designs…They Have Charming Warmth!

Now that the winter has set in and fireplaces are in demand here are some fireplace designs that are going to warm your house with their elegant designs…

Via: Napoleon Fireplaces
1. Napoleon Fireplaces
The first one is a modern convex shaped wall mounted fireplace.The second one is yet another interesting fireplace in which you can peek into the other side of the room as well.It has beautiful stones inside it that gives it further beauty.

Via: Bordelet
2. JC Bordelet
This is a stunning red coloured chimney style fireplace that will suit well with your red interior of living room.Wooden logs burning inside add a natural flavour to it.It is named as ‘Amilia Centrale’.

Via: Attika
3. Attika Feuerkultur
This stylish fireplace is a true wonder.With its ellipse shape this open gas fireplace is going to charm your living area.This is named as ‘Keramischer Blockbrenner’.

Via: Focus-Creation
4. Focus
This counter shaped fireplace is full of modern features.It has a detector that automatically extinguishes the fire.It comes with a matt black finish.

Via: Modus Fireplaces
5. Modus Fireplaces
The first one is a free stand design perfect to be placed between two rooms.It can be left open or sided by glass.It is named as 840 tunnel.The second one is a sleek fireplace with a hanging black glass canopy.

Via: Vauni
6. Vauni
Can a fireplace be so fascinating than this? This fireplace called as globe in available in two finishes that are black and white.It can serve as a sculpture even when it is not lit.

Via: Heat n Glo
7. Heat & Glo
This fireplace is named as ‘Solaris’ and has a unique flame mechanism.It has a 6 feet flame and lighting illusion that is going to be a total fantasy.It is available with a variety of 32 panel colours to fit in your requirements.

Via: Conmoto
8. Conmoto
Not only that this fireplace is circular but you can actually roll it .Yes, when you roll it the tank inside it also rolls and balances it self.It has glass panes at its sides.So get ready to see the fire play its show.