Festive Easter Decorations for Your Home!

Easter is round the corner and you must be thinking and searching for ideas to decorate your home. So here you go for some Easter decorations…

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1. Bhg
The first picture shows a basket that is decorated with a vibrant floral arrangement placed in it and has eggs over it in pastel shades with spring written over them. The second one is a wreath of printed eggs in blue, green and lilac colour that has a lilac ribbon bow at the top. Both these decorations are great for doors.

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2. Martha Stewart
The first picture shows a garland made with eggs and ribbons in multi colours that is hung over a mirror. The second one shows metallic painted eggs hung from a tree. The third photo shows eggs placed in dishes along with flowers in front of a mirror.

Via: marthastewart
3. Martha Stewart
The first picture shows a plant pot having a plant that is decorated with pastel shaded eggs hanging through ribbons. The second picture shows a festive wreath that has a combo of red eggs with brown branches. The third picture could be a great idea for your garden to adorn your low trees with multi coloured eggs hanging through ribbons.

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4. Etsy
The first picture shows a wreath that has been made with a combination of eggs, flowers, a bunny and a jute bow. It will cost you $139. The second one is a bouquet that also has eggs and flowers combined with a cute rabbit and a jute bow. This one will cost you $99.

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5. Shelterness
The first picture shows golden eggs hanging from a frame of pink flowers. The second picture shows an arrangement of eggs and plants. The third one shows bright painted eggs set in a glass vase with a bit of green strands in the bottom.

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6. Design Remont
The first picture here shows egg shells perched over a nest like structure and the eggs are planted with assorted flowers. The second picture shows a bunny bunting in blue and pink.

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7. Pottery Barn Kids
This is a wreath solely made out of pastel painted eggs that will increase the beauty of your house.

Via: potterybarnkids
8. Pottery Barn Kids
This one is a garland that is having a glittered texture of bunnies, chicks and eggs. If you want this to be a part of your Easter decoration you can have it for $6.99.

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