Double Island Kitchens…More Space, More Fun !

Kitchen island is a very important part of kitchen and it is very practical where you can use it from all sides and for different purposes like cooking, chopping and even as a dining area. It would be great to have such a kitchen that has more space and one way to do that is adding twin islands in one kitchen. So here you go for some kitchens with double islands…

Via: graniterra
This kitchen has a magnificent combination of wood combined with white. The first island here is in white with drawers and a sink. The second island is in white combined with a wooden plank that is extending as a dining space.

Via: kitchenbuilding
2. Kitchen Building
This kitchen has two island placed one after the other in a row. The base is made of steel with a marble top and each is equipped with sinks and and cabinets along with free space to do work.

Via: alishagwen
3. Alisha Gwen
This kitchen has an over all white appearance with a touch of yellow added to it. It has two long islands that have a clean and beautiful white colour.

Via: warmingtonandnorth
4. Warmington & North
This is a kitchen anybody can dream for with a wooden outlook and facing a green lawn. The space is skilfully utilized by placing two islands. The first has a sink, workspace and also serves as a dining area. The second has a stove along with ample space.

Via: tamaramagel
This kitchen with its so elegant and contemporary appeal has a combination of dark brown and beige. The two islands are also in theme colour with a high amount of kitchen storage space.

Via: kitchen-design-ideas
6. Kitchen Design Ideas
This kitchen has a colour combo of white, grey and green with two white kitchen islands perpendicularly placed. One has a sink and the other has a stove.

Via: searle-taylor
7. Searle & Taylor
This is a dreamy kitchen with island that have wooden sides and black tops. Since this one is a spacious kitchen there is a lot of space between the islands.

Via: urrutiadesign
8. Urrutia Design
This kitchen has the islands in two colours one being in white and the other in black and both are having classy marble tops.

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