This DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack is Just Awesome for Shoe Storage


If you need an ultimate solution for shoe storage then nothing can be super chic than this diy project.


To make this lazy susan shoe storage you will require 9 round discs of plywood, standard and tall divider slabs of plywood( to divide 5 discs into sectors). You have to fix the standard dividers on 4 discs and tall dividers on 1 disc. Then join every two discs with standard dividers topped with an upper disc. You have to make two such units using all the 4 discs with standard dividers. The one disc with tall dividers will be topped with a disc and this unit will be the base unit. Then make a square wood frame as shown in the diagram. Fix a disc over it using wood glue and nails. Then add a turntable swivel to it and attach the base unit with a screw. Then again with a second turntable swivel attach the second unit to the base unit. In the same way attach the top unit with a swivel to the second unit. For further details about this project visit Better Homes and Gardens.

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