Design Your Interior with Pebbles!

Sometimes you can make use of materials and their textures to add a zing to the interior of your house. For that purpose one idea can be interior designing with pebbles. You can use pebbles in a number of ways like pebbled walls, pebbled floors, pebbled borders of your floor and also mix and match of pebbles with decor accessories. So off you go for some photos that will show you the magical execution of all these ideas…

1. brennan + company ARCHITECTS
This is a bathroom with a tiled floor that is added stripes of pebbles to enhance its appearnce. The combination of white tiles, gray pebbles and the wooden accents is just of the right kind.

2. Susan Jay Design
This bathroom has two levels both adorned with pebbles and on the upper level that is completely pebble covered is perched the bath tub.

3. The Sky is the Limit
This is a kitchen that has a pebble patch on the floor along the curved island where the stools are placed. This is a great idea where you want to highlight the space around your island.

4. Home Designing
This one is a house that is having pebble details in two forms. The first is a pebble feature just below the stairs and the second is a pebble shaped rug on the floor. This is totally fun!

5. Freshome
This idea for placing pebbles along the walls can be a big hit for an entrance or a living area. They are giving an elaboration to the walls, at the same time adding texture and beauty.

6. HomeDSGN
This one is a bathroom that is having a black pebbled floor looking nice with the white bathtub.

7. Shelterness
Now let us talk about how you can use pebbles to make your table look beautiful. For this you can fill some water in your glass vases, throw in some nice pebbles and top with colorific flowers like these in the picture.

8. Shelterness
Now if we go one step further and be even more creative then these ideas are just the right option. Here pebbles are used as drawer handles and to number a house which is really cool.

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