Creative and Pretty Bookcase Shelves

If you are passionate reader and you are dedicated to the books, then you for sure know the importance of owning an appropriate home for them, a place where they can be exposed on the most elegant and distinct way. The books that you own deserve a proper display on a high quality and modern bookcase. In order to help you find the most eloquent bookcase for you we have select the most gougers and outstanding bookcases which you can see in the list below.

1.Abbeywood bookcase from John Lewis

Abbeywood bookcase from John Lewis


You can bring a fresh and natural color into your living room and display your books on this well designed bookcase which will  keep your books on elegant and styilish way.

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2.Ambriella low bookcase from Furniture Village

Ambriella low bookcase from Furniture Village

This eggshell white low bookcase is the most elegant and sophisticated storage to keep your intellectual treasure. This particular bookcase is sophisticated and elegant.

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3.Conran Cartland bookcase from Marks & Spencer

Conran Cartland bookcase from Marks & SpencerCreative and elegant way to keep your books at this super designed asymmetrical multy colors bookcase. This bookcase shelves may be perfect for you if you are fan of the urban and stylish way of decorating.

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4.Homemaker bookcase from Liam Treanor

Homemaker bookcase from Liam Treanor

This is a casual and yet sophisticated and fresh bookcase which will help you to bring a  scent of the new wave decorating.

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5.Milton bookcase from Laura Ashley

Milton bookcase from Laura Ashley

On the first look traditional and classic bookcase is more then a regular bookcase. This fine designed bookcase will be a great display for your favorite books.

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6.Orla Kiely open shelving unit from BlissHome

Orla Kiely open shelving unit from BlissHome Great form and mutli colors of this super chick bookcase will take a major place in your living room

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7.Reiner Upcycled Pipe bookshelf from Little Tree Furniture

Reiner Upcycled Pipe bookshelf from Little Tree FurnitureDistinct style and open wide bookcase will bring a bohemian and vintage scent into your living room

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8.Saltire modular bookcase from Oka

Saltire modular bookcase from Oka

Extraordinary bookcase will bring an elegant and classy note to your living room.

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