Classy Shower Curtains For Your Bathroom!

Just like the decor of your rooms is important, your bathrooms also need your attention. One of the things included majorly in bathroom decor are shower curtains. So here you go for some nice shower curtains that if you want, you can also hang them in your bathroom’s windows as a complete matching set…

Via: Curtain and Bath Outlet
1. Curtain and Bath Outlet
The first curtain is in blue and grey stripes that will go well with a white, blue or grey interior of your bathroom. It will cost you $14.99. The second will bring the freshness of nature to your bathroom. It has a bamboo design on it. It will cost you $14.99.

Via: Kohl’s
2. Kohl’s
This is drop shower curtain with faux silk make and is having floral appliques. It will cost you $89.99. The second one is another beautifully designed curtain that is having a colour combo of grey and pale yellow. It will cost you $29.99.

Via: Walmart
3. Walmart
If you are lover of something retro and funky and want to have such designs in your bathroom as well then these two are made for you. The first one has circles of green, purple and aqua colours. It will cost you $11.97. The second is also in jazzy square pattern with a merge of different colours. It will cost you $16.97.

Via: Croscill
4. Croscill
The first is a rain shower curtain with an elegant foliage pattern printed over it. It will cost you $39.99. The second one in brownish grey colour also has a classy print on it. It will also cost you $39.99.

Via: Croscill
5. Croscill
Both these curtains are having a striped pattern in two diffrent colour combinations. The first has horizontal stripes of brown, aqua and cream colour. It will cost you $39.99. The second one has a colour mix of dark and light grey and light blue stripes. It will also cost you $39.99.

Via: Kmart
6. Kmart
These are also soberly designed curtains in khaki colour with a leaves pattern printed in a bit darker shade adding a touch of sophistication to it. It will cost you $29.99.

Via: Amazon
7. Amazon
This one is a curtain set that is available in two colour options of blue and orchid purple. They will go well with neutral interior of your bathroom. A set will cost you $8.99.

Via: Linen Chest
8. Linen Chest
These curtains with a subtle rose pattern are part of a bath collection that also has other accessories displayed in the photo. This bath collection will cost you from $15.95 to $69.95 depending upon the no. of items you choose.

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