Canopy Beds … Where Coziness Unfolds

Canopy beds will always remain in demand due their beauty and comfort. They add glamour to your room. Here are listed some canopy beds that you will like to have…

Via: Joseph Walsh Studio
1. Joseph Walsh Studio
This bed which is named as enigma takes its name from Latin origin which means mystery wood. This bed is so be-witching that you will for sure want to make it a part of your bedroom. This silk soft bed will do wonders to your room décor.

Via: SL Metalworks
2. Shawn Lovell Metal works
This is a very unique canopy bed where happiness will chirp in the middle of the nest placed above your bed by SL Metal Works. This tree bed will cost you $15,000 plus shipping.

Via: Ababy
3. Ababy
This bed is tailor-made for your princess to have rest in its lap. The combination of black and white zebra pattern mixed with hot and light pink and white colours makes it spreading the happy melodies all around. This one costs you $1,299.

Via: Niermann Weeks
4. Niermann Weeks
These are elegant and stylish canopy beds that will suite well for those who find glamour in simplicity.They have a variation of wooden and iron beds.

Via: Stephen Owen
5. Stephen Owen
This is a stunning bed which at the first glance gives you a look of a tent. The French voile drapes cascading from the top till bottom add a flow to its beauty. The bed is polished really well. This is not all, this bed also have integral spot lights along its frame and it will for sure take your breath away when the bed’s light will glimmer when the night will fall in your room. It also has side cabinets.

Via: Orleans International
6. Orleans International
These beds are hand carved and have a royal feeling. They have lovely designs that will serve your majestic taste.They will add a dramatic effect to your room’s interior and will best suite for rooms in brown tones.

Via: Four Poser Bed
7. Four Poser Bed
These are Georgian style four poster canopy beds. These beds can be matched with curtains of any colour and pattern. Whether you want to go for plain or printed bedding and curtains they will look equally fine.

Via: Furniture 247
8. Furniture 24/7
These beds are an example of opulence. They are beautifully crafted with sheer curtains falling from top to their sides.The timber of the beds is also very fine.

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