Beauteous Garden Walkways!

When we talk about gardens then a very important feature in their designing is the walkways. They not only provide a space to walk and enjoy in your garden but also if designed intelligently, they decorate your gardens even more. So here you go for some garden walkways…

Via: The Carter Rohrer Co.
1. The Carter Rohrer Co.
The first picture shows a walkway that is in the fom of steps coming all the way from the entrnce of the house through the middle of the lawn. The second picture shows a walkway that has slabs of stones with rockery and plants at the sides.

Via: Ray Johannes
2. Ray Johannes
The first picture shows a walkway that is in the form of spaced stone steps that are joining two areas of gravel in the garden. The second picture shows a meandering walkway that is made by placing bricks horizontaly and the sides of the pathway are made by placing the bricks vertically.

Via: Stout Landscape
3. Stout Landscape
This interesting and beautiful looking walkway is made with placing slabs of stones in square and rectangular shape with green grass coming out at the sides making a beautiful contrast of stones and grass.

Via: Formla
4. Formla
The first picture shows a walkway that is made by placing stone slabs of different shapes and sizes. The second walkway is of a garden that is situated at a cliff top. The walk way is looking as if steps are placed. This walkway is made with rectangular stone slabs with gaps that are filled with round stones leading to a garden patio.

Via: Grace Design Associates
5. Grace Design Associates
This path way has a cenral fountain out of which four paths are coming out that are made with gravel and thus leaving four symmetrical green patches at the four conrners of the lawn.

Via: Austin Architect
6. Austin Architect
The first walkway has stone slabs of different shapes but almost same sizes placed closely that are coming out of the entrance of the house to the lawn. The second walkway has two levels of one paved path and the other of retangular spaced stones placed in a que.

Via: Statile & Todd
7. Statile & Todd
This meadering walkway is created by skillfully combining irregular shaped stone slabs surrounded by beautiful lavender flowers and other plants and it is leading to an emerald green lawn.

Via: D Crain
8. D Crain
This is a unique pathway that is a bit at a depression filled with gravel and dotted with bushes at the sides. Now is one is truly unique!

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