Amazing Foyer Decor Ideas for Your Home!

In our earlier post we discussed about your house’s front door and the place your front door leads directly to is a foyer. So if the very start of your house is decorated in a welcoming way it will leave a good impression and people will look forward to the interior of your house. So here you go for some foyer designs that will help you design your own…

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1. ROBERT j Erdmann Design
The basic designing formula used here is all white that is accented with a mirror and two chairs with a table in centre. Another door that leads to the interior of the house is having blue glass and two contemporary lamps. Overall the appearance is tidy and soothing.

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2. Isler Homes
These foyer designs are for those houses that have high ceilings and a large staircase at the entrance. Now if a place is large it is not necessary that you will fill it with a lot of accessories. What you can do is simply add a vintage style table at one side of the staircase and put some decorative items and flower vases on it.

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3. Parkyn Design
This foyer is in a lengthwise space that is decorated with two tables at both sides with planters placed, large ceiling lamps and wall sconces.

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It is said that even a simple thing when designed wisely can look beautiful just like this one. This foyer has its door painted in gray with a mirror and a console table upon which a big flower vase and a family photo are placed.

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This foyer is designed with somewhat symmetry that is having a round table in the centre with two benches at the sides. A ceiling chandelier is adding a magical environment. The blend of brown and beige hues is divine.

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6. Horchow
If you are an artistic person and an admirer of colours then this one is for you. With all the design of this foyer in earth tones a console in pink is spicing it up giving its look a completely different dimension.

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7. Frederick Gibson + Associates Architecture
A skylight in a foyer can also be a great idea like this one. With the skylight the decor elements in silver and green are fabulous.

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8. james thomas
These foyers are giving a very warm appearance where gray tones are the highlight. With this a great use of lamps, mirrors and vases is made.

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