Add a Sitting Area to Your Room !

Your bedroom is that part of your house where you relax after spending a tiresome day at work. It would be great to have a sitting area along with your bed so that you can sit back , read some magazines or watch some TV. So here you go for some bedrooms with sitting areas…

Via: sucasa-designs
1. Sucasa Designs
The first bedroom has pale blue walls and printed blue and white curtains and to match these two blue sofa seats with a white rattan table are perched in front of the bed. The second bedroom also has sofa seats and a table matching the fabric of the curtains.

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2. Last Detail Interior Design
Kids also need to sit and relax for some time in a day so it is a good idea to add a seating arrangement to their room like the one shown in photo. The room is all in pink and to contrast this colour sofas of chartreuse and light blue are added.

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3. Martha Ohara Interiors
The entire interior of this bedroom is very soothing to eyes and to match it a small circular white table and two chairs in pastel egg blue are placed that are in perfect coordination with the room.

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4. Castro Design Studio, llc
This room is all in white and light beige and to match this sofas and seats of the theme colours are added to it.

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5. Kendall Wilkinson
This room has a very warm interior and is luxuriously designed. It also has an ample sitting area that is made with the combination of sofas and chairs.

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6. Tessi Garcia Interior Design
This room has two sections. The first area has the bed and a chaise lounge and the second one has a roomy sitting area with a sectional placed, and this sitting area is overlooking the balcony. Truly a contemporary and chic space it is!

Via: dovetailhomes
7. Dovetail Custom Homes
This kids’ room though a small one has been designed with expertise and has been added a sitting area with sofas combined to a window seat that is looking gorgeous and simply wonderful.

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