15 Clever Ideas to Recycle Plastic Milk Crates

Milk crates are great when it comes to home decor and organization. Let’s say your living room requires some extra seating and storage, then you can make a storage ottoman. Perhaps you want to grow a kitchen garden, then you can make a garden bed with crates. These and more cool ideas are here for your inspiration: By using a small cabinet paint sprayer, you can achieve a stunning matte finish on a milk crate. Small DIY paint guns can be picked up for less than $50 and are a great for a wide range of DIY projects around the home.   Plus, if you’re looking for a factory style finish, you can spray lacquer over the top to make it make glossy. This can’t be properly achieved with a paint brush.   1. Stack and Join The Crates Together and Build a Shelving Unit Image via: my desired home , kids rooms ideas 2. Build a Patio Table by Mixing Crates with Wood Image via: pinterest 3. Plastic Crates Can Make Wonderful Chicken Nesting Boxes Image via: garden daddy 4. Create Raised Garden Beds and Plant Your Favorite Veggies and Herbs Image via: simplify organize 5. Make a Storage Ottoman by Wrapping a Plastic Crate in Rope and Top It with a Cushioned Seat Image via: dwelling in happiness 6. Build a Console Table with Storage for Your Entryway Image via: pinterest 7. Use Milk Crates as Cubbies for Storing Laundry Supplies Image via: handyman 8. Sew a Cover for a Plastic Crate and Use It as a Storage Bin Image via: sew many ways 9. Need a New Nightstand? Think About a Plastic Crate! Image via: living in a shoebox 10. Add Legs and a Seat to a Milk Crate to Make a Stool Image via: flickr 11. Build a Bench Wherever You Need Some Extra Seating Image via: sokindregistry , whos who and new 12. Your Little One Will Love a Crate Swing Like This Image via: pinterest 13. Create a Toy Storage Over Any Wall in Your Kids’ Room Image via: quick and dirty tips 14. Cover a Plastic Crate in Faux Grass to Form an Outdoor Table That Makes a Statement Image via: penny wise blog 15. Use Plastic Crates to Organize Your Closet Image via: reality daydream , pinterest