10 Cool Nespresso Capsules Storage Ideas

If you are a fan of coffee and your morning isn’t complete without a mug then you must have lots of nespresso capsules in need of some organization. Well, with a cool idea you can easily organize them and make your coffee making experience even more enjoyable. So, take a look at some awesome nespresso capsule storage ideas: 1. Make A Coffee Capsule Holder with a Magnetic Board and Magnetic Wood Strips Image via: lazy crafter noons 2. Recycle a Few Pallets, They Are Low in Cost and Look Just Fabulous Image via: home talk 3. Re-Think a Spice Rack and Be Proud For Your Smart Idea Image via: not a passing fancy 4. Divide Any Drawer with Metal Organizers and Assign One Part to the Nespresso Pods Image via: home talk 5. Being a Coffee Fan, Dedicating a Whole Drawer Is Also a Cool Idea Image via: houzz , pinterest 6. Invest in a Stylish Clear Acrylic Coffee Pod Holder Image via: pinterest 7. Simply Re-Purpose a Vintage Glass Jar for Storing Nespresso Capsules Image via: planete deco 8. Invest in a Wall Mounted Wire Coffee Pod Organizer Image via: pinterest , pinterest 9. Employ a Few Glass Vases for Nespresso Pods Image via: stylishlyme 10. Get a Cool Under Cabinet Rack That Can Hold Coffee Pods Along with Mugs Too Image via: mesa home products